Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beetroot and Beetrootleaves Thoran

It is been a while since I have posted something. I had a busy and stressful week-end. I was not feeling well and in between my youngest son had a fall and started vomiting in the middle of the night. If a child hit his head in a fall and starts vomiting in 24 hrs it is not a good sign. You should consult your doctor immediately. There may be a chance of bleeding in brain and in such case a emergency operation should be done to save the child.(I am writing this for new moms. I didn't knew these things before I had a baby ).Since our doctor was out of town,we took him to the emergency care. They examined him and  fortunately he was fine. It was just a concussion of the fall. I hope this post help some new moms or mothers-to-be. Other bad signs to watch for in 24 hrs after the fall are- crying uncontrollably after you did everything to sooth him, walking like a drunkard, pupil been dial acted, if he blacks out, lose of appetite. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical person, these information is from a mother of two children.You should always consult a doctor.

Well, here goes a recipe. This is very healthy recipe. I didn't add even one tsp of oil in this. I used both beetroot and its leaves. We can cook beetroot leaves like we cook spinach. Recipe follows:

1) Beetroot together with leaves( see the pic below)
2) Grated coconut- 1 and 1/2 cup
3) Small onions -2-3
4) Green chilly -2
5) Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp
6) Salt

  • Wash beetroot and its leaves with plenty of water. There may be sand particles here and there.
  • Chop the leaves, stem and beetroot. 
  • In a food processor, mixie or chopper , add grated coconut, onions, green chilly and turmeric powder. Grind gently.
  • Take a sauce pan and add the vegetables. Sprinkle some salt and add the grind ingredients. Add   little water if neccessary. Cover and cook for 1 min. Then cook uncovered till the water dries up.

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