Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to make good Chappathi


Well, this recipe is for beginners in cooking. Last week I was chatting with my cousin, 'R...' who just  got a job and moved to Chennai. She suggested to add some easy recipes. My Aunt was telling me that she moved with her friends to a new house and started cooking by themselves. I don't know whether she know to make a chappathi. If she knows then I hope that she wont kill me. "Rosychechi, How dare you even think that I don't even know to make chappathi".Anyway I am dedicating this post and next post " Carrot- Paneer Stuffed Chappathi" for her. Actually, My dear cousin, 'R..' I was actually planning to post "Carrot-Paneer Stuffed Chappathi" for you then thought that it will be good idea if I added chappathi recipe too. hee...he... Enjoy!

Makes approximately 15 chappathi

1) Wheat flour - 3 cup
2) Oil/ Ghee - 1 1/2 tbsp
3) Salt
4) Water/ Milk - more or less 1 1/2 cup


  • To the wheat flour add oil/ghee. Mix it with your fingertips. Add salt and water. Add water in parts. Knead with hand.Knead the flour outward from the center.The more you knead the softer it becomes.  Roll it into a big ball. 
  • Cover it with a wet kitchen paper towel or cotton cloth. 
  • You can keep it aside or start rolling right away. 
  • Make it into small balls. 
  • Sprinkle flour on the ball and rolling surface. The rolling pin should be light. While rolling the dough roll it outwards instead of rolling forward and backwards. Don't sprinkle too much flour  while rolling.
  • Heat the griddle/ pan. When it is hot, place chappathi. (medium- high flame ). Press it with a wet cloth or spoon. Fry both sides.Apply ghee on both sides(optional step).

If there is leftover 'dough' keep it  in refrigerator covering with a wet paper towel. Defrost it  (dont overheat)  in microwave when you need it. When you defrost it , it will become soft. Then roll it into chappathi.

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