Thursday, April 12, 2012

Papaya Milk Shake

Summer Time ! This shake is something my mother used to make it for us when we had plenty of Papaya.When we come home after the school, this Papaya Shake is really filling . Last week I found papaya in Costco and brought it having this recipe in mind. Here goes the recipe.

Serve: 4-5
Time  Taken- Less than 10 minutes


1)Papaya - 1
2)Cold Milk - 1- 1 1/2 cup
3)Sugar - 4 tbsp or according to taste
4)Cashew nuts & Raisins - 8-10
5)Vanilla essence- 2 drops

  • Take off the skin and seeds of the papaya and cut into pieces.
  • In a mixie/ blender, add Papaya, Cold Milk, Sugar and blend.
  • Add cashew nuts, raisins and vanilla essence. Mix. Serve or Refrigerate.
Note: This shake tastes better if you finish it off the same day itself.

Recipe Source: My mother

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